Teka Group posts outstanding results in the first three quarters of 2021

Teka Group, the multinational which specialises in kitchen solutions and belongs to the corporation Teka Industrial*, has closed the first three quarters of 2021 with record sales and results.

As stated by Dr. Stefan Hoetzl, CEO of Teka Group, following a 2020 which was marked by the pandemic, the company is growing strongly in nearly all geographical locations.

The consolidated growth in sales of 23% compared with 2020 and a strong double-digit growth compared with 2019 is being sustained with outstanding business development in America, Spain, Portugal, France and Germany, among others. The emerging markets, a stronghold of the Teka Group, have recovered strongly – with the exception of certain Asian countries which have continued to suffer from lockdowns.

The group’s operating income (not taking into account the sale of assets and restructurings) has increased by 62% compared to 2020 and by 46% compared with 2019, posting an operating income close to 8% of net sales.

These numbers highlight the global strength of a company which, today, sells its products in over 150 countries across the five continents, and which has 10 factories in Europe, Asia and America along with 35 distribution hubs and 6 centres for excellence and research.

With regards to its innovation policy, 2020 and 2021 have been record years in terms of  significance and the number of launches of new products on the market. Some of the most notable of these in 2021 have been: the pyrolytic oven MaestroPizza, which is able to cook pizzas in just 3 minutes thanks to its exclusive grill, which reaches 340ºC: the highest temperature on the market; the AirFry oven, the only oven which features a perforated tray which allows you to cook crispy dishes in a healthy, quick and straightforward way; the PureClean sink, which repels water and prevents the proliferation of bacteria thanks to its innovative coating; the fridge American Retro, with a unique vintage design, etc.

“In 2022, we’re going to continue on this course of growth with the launch of innovative and design-oriented products through our main brands, Teka and Küppersbusch, with which we hope to once again astound the market and our consumers,” says Stefan Hoetzl.

*Teka Industrial S.A, also includes Teka Group, which focuses on equipment for the kitchen, businesses related to bathrooms (Strohm), industrial containers and barrels (Thielmann), which are mainly intended for hospitality and major events.

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