Discover HSB 635: the top-selling A+ oven in Spain


With Christmas and its festive feasts, the time for sharing unforgettable moments with our loved ones in the kitchen is also upon us. And what better way of preparing for that occasion than having the HSB 635 oven as your ally?

Reliability, capacity and usability

This oven, the top-selling one for 2021 within the A+ energy rating category, is a surefire choice for any kitchen. Its attributes allow you to fully harness its 70-litre capacity and also make energy savings of up to 20% compared with A-class ovens. However, its benefits don’t just stop there. Its five adjustable shelves thanks to its Plus-Extension rails system and also its Touch Control system for programming the beginning and end of cooking will both ensure that the food served at every Christmas feast is cooked to perfection.


Among the many of its functions, this multifunction oven calculates the optimal temperature for cooking meat. However, what really makes this product stand out is its capacity to adapt to any household thanks to its 8 cooking functions.

What’s more, the SteamBox tray (sold separately) can convert it into a steam oven. This compatible accessory enables you to cook in a healthier way and helps to conserve all the vitamins and nutrients in food.

Cleanliness and convenience

The HSB 635 oven boasts two cleaning systems. The first is a pyrolytic system (3 levels), which reduces dirt and grime to ash. And, the second, Hydroclean, which thanks to high temperatures, turns water into steam. With both cleaning methods, you simply have to wipe the remnants of dirt with a damp cloth and the oven is left pristine.

Teka oven technology makes our lives easier and allows us to enjoy our time better and also more of it. The HSB 635 multifunction oven, designed in stainless steel and with an impeccable finish, is a surefire choice which can be perfectly integrated into the décor of any home.

Lastly, Teka has gone beyond convention and is providing various recipes that you can make with the oven as well as other culinary ideas for this Christmas. The brand’s wish for what’s left of 2021 is for this festive period to be full of meaningful moments shared with all our loved ones around the kitchen.

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