Elegance never falls out of fashion with the new American Retro fridge

American Retro is the company’s first vintage fridge, embodying the perfect union between maximum energy efficiency, quality and design.

Elegance never falls out of fashion

This elegant piece in matte black, which evokes 1950s aesthetics, is a classic which never falls out of fashion and which transforms any room into a unique space. Its retro design with curved lines and chrome features is suited to any space in your home, standing as a true decorative item. In addition, its exclusive personality renders it a focal point of any home. Wherever it’s placed, its charm will never fail to impress.

Retro on the outside, modern on the inside

With a next-generation interior, American Retro allows you to enjoy a vintage-style product without having to compromise on all the latest technology. In fact, it incorporates the latest cutting-edge cooling technology as well as the most revolutionary antibacterial systems on the market.

Greater hygiene

Just one of the many striking novelties of this range is its IonClean technology. With the help of negative ions, the fridge will remain completely sterile as well as both odour and bacteria free, creating clean and healthy air.

Greater energy savings

This model also boasts more efficient and environmentally-friendly motors. Thanks to its E-class energy rating, it uses 60% less energy compared with G-class models.

Greater flexibility

The most significant design asset of this fridge range is its flexibility with storing food. With its FlexiRack system, you can adjust the height of the door’s shelves and store different-sized containers in accordance with your needs. By simply pressing the side buttons, you can store both bottles and small jars.

Greater care

The American Retro fridge features LongLife No Frost technology, which keeps food fresher for longer, and thanks to its two independent cooling circuits prevents odours from mixing.

Lastly, this new range also includes the VitaCareBox and ZeroBox compartments. The former is a drawer which allows you to customise moisture levels in order to keep your fruit and veg forever fresh, locking in all their vitamins and nutrients for longer. The latter is a compartment which keeps food at a colder temperature than the rest of the fridge, between 0 and -3º, creating the perfect environment for storing meat and fish.

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