Which oven should I buy?

Nowadays there are many optiones when choosing an oven. They also have the latest in techonology, security measures and design.

These are the different types of ovens you can find in our web and their main features:These are the different types of ovens you can find in our web and their main features:

Hornos multifunción

Multifunction ovens

They have multiple functions, such as defrosting, fast heating, grill with trubine, amongh others. These are ideal for cooking lovers as you will be able to experiment with all kinds of recipes.

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Microondas de libre instalación

Conventional ovens

The cooking temperature can be controlled. They are very easy to use and perfect for those who want to enjoy easy cooking. They work through resistors, located at the top and bottom of the oven.

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Microondas de libre instalación

Polivalents ovens

They are attached to a hob and have both knobs integrated. Moreover, they can be either conventional or multifunction, so depending on the model you choose they will have the features of one or the other.

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horno vapor compacto

Steam ovens

Teka’s ovens with steam function are multifunction ovens which also feature all the benefits of steam: Cooking between 30 and 100º to better preserve food nutrients.

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Size and capacity

When choosing the size of our oven, you should take into account the available space in your kitchen.

Hornos estándar

Standard ovens

The standard size of an oven is 60 cm tall, 60 cm wide and a 71 liter gross capacity. Perfect for any kitchen.

Hornos compactos

Compact ovens

Compact ovens with 45 cm high x 60 cm wide are designed for thos who have lees space in their kitchen an require smaller appliances.

Horno de gran capacidad

Ovens with high capacity

If instead you have more space or there are more members in the family, ovens with high capacity (45cm tall, 90 cm wide and 91-liter gross capacity) are the perfect choice.

Safety systems


It allows the door to close smoothly and silentyly as the mechanism pauses before closing completely.

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CoolTouch System

CoolTouch System®

The doors have up to four glass panels. This keeps the outside temperature to a minimum avoiding possible burns.


Cierre de seguridad

Safety lock

When the oven temperature reaches 360º, the door will close automatically. This mechanism is activated mainly during pyrolysis.

Bloqueo del panel

Control display lock

To avoid changing the temperature or function unintentionally, ovens with display have a panel locking system.


Asesor personal de cocinado


Personal cooking assistance

Find the best recipe within a wide variety of options. You will be able to easily choose them from a screen. Moreover, in the iOven model, the recipes are shown in color so you can choose what is most convenient for you.

Horno + microondas


Oven and microwave in the same appliance. You will have the best cooking options in a compact. Moreover, they have doors made with up to 3 glasses to avoid overheating and prevent possible accidents.

Pizza function

This function is not only ideal for pizzas, but also for cakes or fruit-filled biscuits.


It will let you know when the food is ready, but it also has two other functions: cooking time and end time.

Accessories for ovens

The SteamBox

Get the most out of your oven with accessories like SteamBox that turn your oven into a steam oven. With its wide selection of accessories you can cook juicy dishes on individual trays or large pieces of meat on the grill.

Guías telescópicas

Telescopic guides

The telescopic guides allow the trays to be removed easily and conveniently, without having to put your hands inside the oven. The extraction of the tray can be partial (Plus extension) or total (Full extension).

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