Black is back in the kitchen

Black is part of our daily aesthetic. So, it is natural to step forward if we think about our home. Contemporary homes have embraced black in the kitchen, where traditionally only white seemed to have a place. And when they do it, it happens just like in our wardrobe: black brings us elegance, provides uniformity to the kitchen, and adds a modern look while maintaining a functional yet sophisticated aesthetic. But how do we introduce the colour black into our kitchen?

Where to start

Introducing black in the kitchen does not mean redoing every single corner. It is important to observe whether you feel comfortable with it in a few focal points or if you prefer black to be the lead colour. We usually turn to black when looking for something different in home decor. It is also common to use it to highlight specific areas because, as mothers say, black goes with everything.

Modern kitchen with black cabinets and appliances and white walls

Black on surfaces and in small doses

Black pairs perfectly in the kitchen with golden details such as handles, furniture appliques, and carvings, as well as surfaces like work surfaces. The formula also works the other way around: if you mean to introduce black into your kitchen more gradually, you can use it on doors, windows, or tableware and accessories.

Faucets and sinks with modern, clean designs, and metal finishes such as copper or brass become a key visual element in the kitchen when black is the lead colour.

Kitchen with black cabinet and a wine cooler

How to design a monochromatic black kitchen

You can make black the head colour throughout the kitchen. There are common myths associated with doing it, and we will try to debunk them below. Beams, walls, or floors are a few examples of where to begin with black. There are so many possibilities with materials and finishes that it is not hard to find what you are looking for to fit your place.
Black works with different kitchen styles, from rustic to industrial, so you can rely on it even for second homes. Materials such as cement, stone, or wood interact beautifully in kitchens with black cabinets and appliances. The colour also brings a timeless design, so jumping into it does not mean installing a pink work surface that you might get tired of soon. The elegance of black will make its way into your kitchen and stay for a long time.

Kitchen with black appliances like friddge, hood and hob

Home appliances: paint it black

Stainless steel appliances are the most common ones in black kitchens. However, choosing black appliances in any kitchen is a step towards a uniform design to complete the visual scheme. Don’t hesitate to go bold because black is a practical colour when it comes to keeping it clean (it is all about the finishes), hiding even possible imperfections. The test of time makes it look better compared with other colours. Black emphasises and highlights other colours that coexist with it, creating interesting contrasts and bringing eyes to other kitchen areas.

Ambient kitchen picture with black appliances and marble surfaces

The range of black appliances used to be limited, but we can now find more designs and models available in different sizes to suit all types of rooms. Refrigerators, ovens, and built-in microwaves take the lead, but not only. Hoods are another way to welcome black, together with hobs. If we talk about finishes and materials, we can find bright glass but also beautiful matte options, an elegant choice to change the usual scheme of home appliances in a home. But matte deserves its own chapter:

Back to the black matte: Infinity | G1 Edition

Teka constantly pursues contemporary design and functionality, and that is how the brand has joined forces with a design giant. The Infinity | G1 Edition line arises from the close collaboration of Teka and the prestigious Italdesign Giugiaro studio, the company behind the most iconic car models like Maserati, Ferrari, Volkswagen, or the famous Delorean. Black is the colour for this line of appliances, featuring copper finishes but, above all, the use of black matte. Infinity | G1 Edition is an exceptional way to bring the exclusivity of the Italian brand and its cutting-edge vision to the kitchen with a German heart and the technology that supports Teka as one of the most innovative brands in its area. But the best way to understand the scope of this is through the recently released documentary about how they created Infinity | G1 Edition.

Infinity G1 Edition black appliances kitchen

Myths about black in the kitchen

It’s not always easy to dare to innovate and design the space you want. We have compiled and debunked some of the myths you have probably heard when it comes to using black in decoration, especially in the kitchen:

“The kitchen looks smaller”

Introducing dark colours into the kitchen doesn’t mean it will make it smaller. Black brings uniformity and order, and we can support this idea by moderating the decoration and making the most of the light in the kitchen. White walls or worktops can help to maintain the feeling of light and a wide, open room.

“It’s a cold and unwelcoming colour”

We can say many things about black, but not all are on the dark side. It creates a sophisticated and cosy atmosphere that you can enhance with natural materials. If your kitchen is spacious or has high ceilings, black helps to define it and make it a more welcoming place to stay.

“Black is too serious”

Although black is often associated with sobriety and gravity, we cannot overlook the variety of materials and finishes available to fight this idea. However, if you’re concerned about a too-formal kitchen, you can pair black with other colours. Black in the kitchen is a perfect colour to create contrasts with lighter colours, and it even helps you introduce bold ones.

Creating a space where functionality and everyday life are so important is not a piece of cake. Often, that’s why we choose to decorate a kitchen with more standard colours. But it’s worth exploring other prospects to create a kitchen that reflects who we are. Black can fulfil that by designing a sober but elegant room that welcomes us daily.

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