Colours you will never get tired of in the kitchen


Even though the living room seems to be the centre of any home, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Design and functionality are equally important here. With some decor elements and playing with the right kitchen colours, we can create a clean, open, and perfect space for our recipes, chats, and everyday life.

Trend colours in the kitchen

Every home reflects who lives there, and every room has its colour for different reasons. And so it happens with the kitchen, with tones to help us recreate the feeling we want for that special part of the house.

White: the purest minimalism

White kitchen

A colour that enlightens the room and creates the appearance of a bigger space. Also, white furniture is easy to clean and combine with every other colour you may have in the kitchen already. If your kitchen is small and almost without natural light, white can be your partner in crime to help you with both things.

You can also include some wood tones for a rustic touch or use a marble worktop to make your kitchen look like a top chef working space.

Dark green: natural and elegant

If you just want to introduce some colour besides the original, you can choose green, a good colour to evoke anything related to nature. Use it for cabinets and paint the walls with wood tones for higher contrast. It is a good chance to try new materials like cork, both in structural elements and deco.

Kitchen colour ideas

Believe it or not, green tones go beyond pistachio, and dark green in different materials creates beautiful contrasts to turn your kitchen into something more than a place to cook your recipes: a nice and cosy room to spend hours in.

Grey: neutral and sophisticated

Grey kitchen

If you make good use of this colour, giving all the space that the hue deserves, the kitchen will look more sophisticated. Play with the full range of hues (pearl, silver, graphite…) and dare using the impressive marble grey. This grey looks its best on surfaces, giving them a bright and clean appearance.

Grey is a good choice if you don’t feel comfortable with black, but you are looking for dark tones for an elegant finish. Also, if you want to create some contrast with cabinets, floor, or walls colours.

Blue: oceanic style

Blue brings us the sea to mind.  It is a nice and peaceful colour too. The most common tones are light blue, but you can add a dark blue for walls and working surfaces. Another choice is to integrate it in the kitchen with small details like wall lights or even blue tiles on the wall. A good way to have some blue in your kitchen without being the main colour there.

Colours for small kitchens

Small kitchens appliances

Sometimes we can not decide how big our kitchen will be. But we can definitely choose how to design it. Even though white helps to create more visual space, as we said, it is not the only ace up your sleeve you can use. If you have a small kitchen, but you like colours, congratulations: (almost) anything goes.

Red: passion for food

If you use red on your cabinets as part of an open-concept kitchen the whole space will look bigger. It is also a colour for creativity and power. What about using it in the kitchen with other warm colours like orange or yellow?

Yellow: perfect for a brighter home

Yellow colour kitchen

If you decide to use yellow, you should go ahead with the brightest tones you can find. A wall painted yellow makes the room look bigger. Yellow furniture and cabinets have a luxury touch (particularly the dark tones). Yellow brings joy and, even though it may look cheeky as a first choice, there are so many shades of yellow that you will find the best solution to what you need.

Black and white: the perfect balance

This two-colour combination is a classic in design. Feel free to use white cabinets with black walls or the opposite. Anyway, if your space is not very big, you’d better choose the first option.

Kitchen colours

A good combination is always elegant, and you will not lose that different touch we all are looking for in our kitchen and home.

Light tones: green and blue pastel

Both green or blue pastel will make your kitchen looks bigger. Blue will also add serenity. Green is essential to bring some calm too, and it is a soft and easy colour to clean on most of the surfaces.

Colours for big kitchens

Kitchen design has even more possibilities in a big space or if it has different areas. An open-concept kitchen is one of the choices, but we can also rely on appliances to create a different and stylish kitchen. In a wide, big kitchen, we can combine elements and sizes, handling colours to help us enhance parts of the kitchen.

Black: visual impact

Kitchen trends for 2019

Black is always stunning and avant-garde. Lightning and other elements can help us use black in the kitchen without making it cold or dark. Anyway, black helps to create a non-classical kitchen concept.

Pink: far beyond fairy tales

Pink is a very original and personal choice with a näive touch. Don’t think about the brighter pink: dare to use a light pink or similar hues. Choosing pink, you will turn the kitchen into the main room in your home, introducing a nice, warm and optimistic colour. If you are looking for a minimalist concept, pink goes well with white. However, a beautiful magenta is perfect for a working surface, and it will become the centre of the kitchen, enhancing the design.

Wood: rustic design

Wood kitchen trends 2019

The truth is we will use wood almost in every corner of the kitchen because it works great at any place. You can choose wooden cabinets or those that replicate the wood grain. And so it happens with floors and walls. You will bring nature and the countryside to your home. There is plenty of wood or wood-like finish cabinets in the market for every taste and budget.

Violet: joy as it best

There are no many colours that can communicate as much as violet. Purple, lilac, aubergine or violet will also turn the room into a modern one. A black and white combination will create a very personal and different kitchen, and it matches very well with green, blue, and pink hues.

No matter if we want to change a couple of deco details or create a whole new design from scratch. The colours we choose will help to create our own space and will reflect our personality. Plan what you would like carefully to find the way to your ideal kitchen.

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