The 10 commandments for the perfect barbecue


The arrival of good weather and summer increase social life even for those who least expect it. Even if you are misanthropic, it is easy that at some point in your existence, you will arrange lunch, dinner or a meeting with friends and family. The barbecue is the queen of parties so we can’t let you go around without making sure you have some basic rules clear Our experts have dedicated years to the study of homo barbaconensis. As a result of their hard work, they have published the definitive manual: a decalogue to prepare the perfect barbecue, which will leave your guests with their mouths open (and their stomachs happy!). Whether you’re an expert chef or just starting out, these tips will help you make the perfect barbecue.


1. Use the right tools

The first step for a good barbecue. You do not need to make a very high investment but, as you can guess, with a quality barbecue you will get a better result in less time. Complete your kit with good accessories such as an apron, a stone and a glove, and you will have everything you need to master the art of barbecue.

Pizza cooked on a pizza stone in a Teka gas barbeque 

2. Use good raw material

The use of top-quality products will guarantee the best result for your perfect barbecue, whether it is meat, fish or vegetables. And if you also have the right recipes and you follow the steps, nothing can go wrong. By the way, remember our usual recommendation: buy everything in your nearest market.

Fish and meat raw material for cooking the perfect barbecue

3. Plan the cooking order

It is important to know which foods require more cooking time and which require less. Organize your menu to know what foods to take out first as a snack and which ones as the main dish or side dish. Remember that meat doesn’t have to be the leitmotiv of a barbecue.


4. Temper meat or fish before cooking

Here is a piece of advice for all of you about meat temperature: take the food out of the refrigerator or freezer with enough time for it to be at room temperature at the time of cooking. This will guarantee that meat retains all juices and flavour.

Meat to room temperature

5. Make sure the barbecue has reached the correct temperature

Trying to cook food before the barbecue has reached its optimal temperature will not save time and will lead to worse results. Fortunately, the gas barbecues are faster reaching the optimum temperature. So you can forget about always being the one with the hot beer, you will have enough time to enjoy the party with the rest of the people.

You can also have better control of the temperature with the gas barbeques, another excellent extra for this type of barbeque.

6. Use the barbecue lid

Cooking using the lid is one of the little-known secrets of barbecue that will give you a more tender, juicy and delicious meal, saving time and gas and achieving an incredible barbecue flavour. Better than your brother-in-law’s barbecue, that’s for sure.

A chef flipping food in a Teka barbeque with lid

7. Control the temperature, master the flame

One of the keys to cooking barbecues is to provide the correct temperature for each kind of food constantly. One of the most frequent mistakes is to apply too much heat when cooking and leave the food reduced to ashes. The Gas barbecues give us greater stability in temperature so, even if you have no idea, you can control the cooking as if you were born in Argentina.


8. Handle with care

 A very common mistake when we cook trying to give our best is to over-handle food, flipping it several times during cooking, pricking or cutting to see the cooking point, or opening and closing the lid constantly. Do not juggle, because the reality is that the less you handle the food, the better it will cook and keep its juiciness and uniform temperature.

9. Not all foods are suitable for a barbecue

The choice of meats and their type of cut is another step that you learn to master with practice. We can cook any type of meat on a barbecue, but some will be more suitable than others to get the best flavour and juiciness. The same goes for fish. Which does not mean that we cannot cook something different from the same old barbecue food. In other words: when you go to a barbecue you like to try the greatest hits but you also appreciate the occasional B-side or surprising dish. Like these ones, for instance.

Serving corn on a black dish


10. Always keep the barbecue clean

 You must start cooking with a perfectly clean barbecue. If the barbecue is not clean, part of the food can be found stuck on the grill of a previous barbecue and that will spoil the dishes. And cleaning it after each use doesn’t really take so long.


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