What home appliances use more electricity?


Home appliances consume more than half of the electricity consumption at home. They use about 66 % of the energy in a house. Let’s check the top 6 appliances that consume the most.


An A+++ refrigerator uses less electricity

Refrigerator is the king of power consumption in a house. It consumes more than one-third of the electricity used for appliances due to a logical reason: the refrigerator is the only one that works 24 hours. That is why it is so important to rely on an energy-efficient refrigerator. An A+++ refrigerator means an 80 % saving compared to a refrigerator with a D label.


The average television viewing time in every household is around 4 hours a day. This does not mean a high cost, but the truth is the higher energy consumption does not really come from when the TV is on.

TV top series

The television consumes way more in our homes when It is on stand-by mode. So, unplugging the television will help you to save energy at home.


The washing machines consume 11,8 % of the appliances total power consumption. The main cause is heating because lower temperatures use less energy.

Programming the washer

Try to wash with cold and warm short cycles, up to 20 °C. It is also better to use the washer with a full load (don’t overload the drum, though) instead of half, unless you have a half-load cycle.


It is a similar caste to the washer. Once again, it is worth looking for an energy-efficient tumble dryer. Heat pump dryers consume an average of 2,2 kW/hour, while condenser dryers consume up to 4,2 kW/h. It’s up to you to choose the most efficient one.

what to do when the dryers does not dry


Ovens always needs a lot of energy while working because they need high power to generate heat. But the truth is, speaking in general terms, that we are talking about 7 % of the total consumption, comparing with the other appliances.

Cooking in the oven less electricity

For better performance, it Is important to keep a constant temperature inside. Try not to open the oven door while cooking and keep it clean to make better use of heat.


As we have seen with the washer, the higher cost comes from heating the water. Therefore, it is better to use an A+++ dishwasher because you can save up to 100 € per year with it in your energy bill. Run it when it is fully loaded and use ECO programs anytime you can to reduce power consumption.

Saving energy with the dishwasher

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